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US-6740409-B1: Polymer films patent, US-4931177-A: Composite plate for filter-presses patent, US-5529933-A: Suspension media for hematological composition and method for its use patent, US-5699440-A: Method and system for testing the performance of at least one electro-optical test device patent, US-5788796-A: Decal assembly and method of making same patent, US-6268487-B1: Purification of biologically active peptides from milk patent, US-6770854-B1: Electric blanket and system and method for making an electric blanket patent, US-4731263-A: Method for the preparation of ionomer films patent, US-6706288-B2: Microparticles patent, US-5032387-A: Dental and oral hygiene preparations patent, US-5448673-A: Controlled dopant diffusion for fiber optic coupler patent, US-6261537-B1: Diagnostic/therapeutic agents having microbubbles coupled to one or more vectors patent, US-6701570-B2: Standardized furniture unit and bracket therefor patent, US-6099834-A: Method for modulating eicosanoid mediated immune responses in arthropods patent, US-6660714-B1: α-O-linked glycoconjugates, methods of preparation and uses thereof patent, US-6123949-A: Recombinant fowlpox virus S-FPV-043 and uses thereof patent, US-6599531-B2: Method of making ibuprofen and narcotic analgesic compositions patent, US-6568177-B1: Method for rapid catalyst heating patent, US-6593402-B2: Resilient well cement compositions and methods patent, US-6516976-B2: Dosing pump for liquid dispensers patent, US-4623930-A: Camera apparatus patent, US-539041-A: Invalid-chair patent, US-5723729-A: Inbred corn line ZS01250 patent, US-672788-A: Device for hoisting and transferring bottled beer in bottling establishments. patent, US-3933944-A: αα'-Bis-(phosphono)dicarboxylic acid derivatives patent, US-6321434-B1: Method for manufacturing sealing tool patent, US-6767821-B1: Method for fabricating an interconnect line patent, US-4382036-A: Pyrophosphobetaines patent, US-4551770-A: Video disc encoding and decoding system providing intra-field track error correction patent, US-6425130-B2: Video network server for distributing sound and video image information to a plurality of terminals patent, US-3889405-A: Excavator with teeth coupled for pivotal movement in opposite senses patent, US-4334901-A: Respirator cartridge patent, US-4541905-A: Electrodes for use in electrocatalytic processes patent, US-5071564-A: Article and process for absorbing contaminating products patent, US-6154663-A: Portable telephone communications system patent, US-6236315-B1: Method and apparatus for improving the interrogation range of an RF tag patent, US-6303745-B1: Polyester and process for producing the same patent, US-6442401-B1: Analyzing a packet radio cellular communications network patent, US-6714592-B1: Picture information conversion method and apparatus patent, US-4745449-A: Integrated electronics suitable for optical communications patent, US-4753779-A: Sliding tray reactor patent, US-4787572-A: Multi-size tape cassette winding apparatus patent, US-5166037-A: Method of additive circuitization of circuit boards with high adhesion, voidless copper leads patent, US-5242722-A: Strain sensor patent, US-5554559-A: Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a capacitor with a ferroelectric, dielectric patent, US-5869889-A: Thin power tape ball grid array package patent, US-6080457-A: Particulate sorbent smoke filter patent, US-6126897-A: Carburizing steel and steel products manufactured making use of the carburizing steel patent, US-3913144-A: Movable tape guide mechanism patent, US-3923567-A: Method of reclaiming a semiconductor wafer patent, US-4248763-A: Fluorine-containing resin composition having improved thermal stability patent, US-4306642-A: Driving device for a warping or beaming machine patent, US-4463287-A: Four lamp modular lighting control patent, US-4465415-A: Magnetic spreading device for a sheet metal stack of individual magnetizable laminations with a central hole patent, US-4673647-A: Process to solubilize enzymes and an enzyme liquid product produced thereby patent, US-4748520-A: Method for recording a digital information signal and tracking pilot signals at different locations in the track patent, US-4824630-A: Method and apparatus for applying labels in the molds of a plastic blow molding machine patent, US-5028564-A: Edge doping processes for mesa structures in SOS and SOI devices patent, US-5412507-A: Great aperture zoom lens patent, US-5412994-A: Offset pressure sensor patent, US-5473441-A: Video signal reproduction processing method and apparatus for reproduction of a recorded video signal as either a sharp still image or a clear moving image patent, US-5660935-A: Artificial snowseed and method for making artificial snow patent, US-5849469-A: Process for forming an image using novel magneta couplers for color photography patent, US-5970319-A: Method for assembling an integrated circuit chip package having at least one semiconductor device patent, US-6074567-A: Method for producing a semiconductor package patent, US-6160578-A: High speed, increased bandwidth camera patent, US-3964772-A: Connector for flexible metallic conduit and method patent, US-4055391-A: Crucible patent, US-4098736-A: Liquid membrane encapsulated reactive products patent, US-4144023-A: Dyeing of high strength, high modules aromatic polyamide fibers patent, US-4191591-A: Method and apparatus for cleaning a matrix of a magnetic separator patent, US-4193174-A: Lever and fulcrum clamping assembly patent, US-4320735-A: High-frequency continuous-wave ignition system patent, US-4499140-A: Pressure-sensitive transfer elements and method patent, US-4540424-A: Heat-resisting alloy for rolls for glass forming patent, US-4629744-A: Method for producing a response membrane for use in a chloride ion selective electrode patent, US-4980210-A: Laminates of polyolefin-based film and metal and processes for producing such laminates patent, US-5185265-A: Pulse modulation of the excitation light source of flow cytometers patent, US-5459017-A: Barrier layer for laser ablative imaging patent, US-5872392-A: Semiconductor device and a method of fabricating the same patent, US-5898221-A: Semiconductor device having upper and lower wiring layers patent, US-5915007-A: Method and system for using a frequent shopper card as a phone calling card patent, US-6166280-A: Catalyst for the dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene patent, US-6482914-B2: Isocyanates modified to give them a surfactant property, composition containing them and coating resulting therefrom patent, US-6656288-B2: Microwave oven cleaner patent, US-6742170-B2: Repeatable swizzling patterns for capacitive and inductive noise cancellation patent, US-4181078-A: Automatic recirculating duplicator patent, US-4212663-A: Reactants delivery system for optical waveguide manufacturing patent, US-5002760-A: Retinol skin care composition patent, US-5200749-A: Format converter architecture patent, US-5442414-A: High contrast illumination system for video projector patent, US-6106936-A: Overlay material for plain bearing comprising filled fluorothermoplastic material patent, US-6247012-B1: Information reception and delivery system using global and local directory tables in an intranet patent, US-4111185-A: Solar heating system patent, US-4242405-A: Viscose rayon and method of making same patent, US-4334097-A: Process for the preparation of N-α-alkoxyalkyl-carboxamides, and some representatives of this class of compounds and secondary products obtained therefrom patent, US-4585741-A: Method of assay for vitamin D metabolites patent, US-4855384-A: Sulfonate-containing photopolymer systems patent, US-5157751-A: Fiber optic splice protector and method for making same patent, US-5194349-A: Erasable, multiple level logic optical memory disk patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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